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We want to Colour your life happy with our WOW hand painted tables & giftware creations




About Lumela Afrika:

At Lumela we want to colour your life happy - Lumela is renowned for its fun, funky, fabulous products.


Experience Lumela, read about who we are, our newest collections, product information, and how we do business...with a heart.



Leanne Dickinson (founder)

I worked in the corporate world for quite some time and on my commute to work each day I saw women, with their children, begging for money at the traffic light corners. This is a common sight in South Africa and it got me thinking of how I could try and help these ladies obtain a sustainable living.


Around this time sanctions were dropped against SA and I had the idea of creating and hand painting naïve art pieces to export abroad.  Initially my mother-in-law joined me in the business and together, with 2 ladies, we began painting wooden trinket boxes, pencil cases and some decorative ceramic plates all by hand.


22 years later our range has expanded in leaps and bounds, and is now sold across borders and includes an exclusive range of hand painted enamelware, pure white porcelain enamelware, wooden musical and educational toys as well as a host of other bright fun accessories.  With our unique enamel designs and products we have also ventured into fabulous corporate giftware.


Lumela is a job creation project focusing on the employment of single mothers and men from the local townships of Sharpeville, Sebokeng and Orange Farm. None of our hand crafted items are completely identical and all are made with tons of love and attention to detail.  Lumela, however, is not just about bright, fun products – it is about empowerment and upliftment.



To positively change the lives of local men, women and children, through sustainable employment.

Our mission is 3-fold:

Product mission - to create products of the highest standard both aesthetically and functionally.

Company mission - to provide friendly, reliable and efficient service to our clients.

Social mission  - we strive to actively recognise the pivotal role that business can play in improving the quality of life of local people.



Lumela  ( pronounced Dumela ) means HELLO in the Sotho language.  The majority of our staff are Sesotho speaking so with our fabulous hand crafted creations, which we want to showcase to the world ,we felt that the name Lumela Afrika  - essentially Hello from Africa – was a fitting one!


We are best known, locally and abroad, for our African inspired designs, as well as, our custom made ranges that suit our different markets.


We are proudly South African and export to many countries in Africa, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania. Our overseas exports include UK, Holland, Australia, Mauritius, Canada and Finland.



Although Lumela is about fun funkiness and functionality, we do work with our hearts as well and we know that we can make a difference by acting responsibly. At Lumela it is important for us to be socially responsible and have an ethical approach to doing business.

The majority of our products are hand painted or crafted in our factory in Vereeniging Gauteng SA.

Apart from creating employment for people without skills we are also involved with local children’s charities.  A special way of giving support – is the LUMELA pay it forward program where we regularly  give away our product to children’s charities. We believe every Lumela created product is a Symbol of Hope.    We know that we can’t help everybody but everybody including Lumela can help somebody!


Quality and Safety

All our paints are SABS approved, non toxic and lead free.




Customer Testimonials


Dave LumanCape Town Framed
Lumela supplies a good quality African product that echoes the colours of Africa. They are always willing to assist when we run out of stock and the service is great . Cape Town Framed recommends them anytime !!!


Dave Luman Cape Town Framed


Margaret WoermannHeartworks Cape Town

I can just say amazing things –: Ever since I unpacked my first order from Lumela about 15 years ago, I knew that this is a product for a very specific customer: smiling when they discover these unique items in our shops...the quality is consistently excellent. It is a joy to do business with Lumela – together we have come a long way . These items are popular gifts to take back into many distant homes across the globe  - to preserve a memory of a destination as colourful and delightful as each of the Lumela items.. But you can embroider around this... And I know, that Leanne is waiting for some photos from me, I am too embarrassed, but at the moment we are just surviving, after Papama has left the business.


Fond regards Margaret


Hazel OberholzerDelagoa Dullstroom

Dear Sir or Madam



The above-mentioned company refers.

Delagoa African Arts & Crafts has been using Lumela Afrika as a supplier for the past 14 years, since 2001 in all three our branches namely, Graskop, Dullstroom and Eastwood.

Lumela Afrika has always supplied us with high quality items that is loved by all clients from both local and abroad.

We have always received our goods timeously and if there has been some hiccup in their production line, they have always been timeous in conveying such information to us.

We will continue our support towards their excellent products.


Trust you find the above in order.


Yours faithfully






Rhona and PaulSizani UK

Dear Leanne, We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all the staff at Lumela Afrika upon the arrival of our stock. From the moment we started communicating with yourself and Bets and Alet the response has been nothing but efficient, helpful and swift and this has very much been appreciated!  Thank you to Bets for all the hard-work she did for us in getting the Euro 1 form through and dealing with Air Menzies and ensuring the products were all boxed up and packaged so well! But the biggest Thanks must be to the lovely ladies and gentlemen who have so carefully produced such stunning products.  Seeing all the stock for the first time on the weekend really did leave me speechless as to just how beautiful each item is.  The hours of work they put in daily is greatly appreciated by us and all who buy the products.  We have already had a few sales in the past few days and everyone comments on the unique design and look of each item.  So thank you all for all your hard work and efforts! We are very excited for the coming months in launching the Lumela products here in the UK.  I shall keep you updated and send you a link once our website is up and running.  We are going to be going under the trading name of SIZANI (which is a Zulu word meaning You All Help) we felt this name is very fitting for the meaning and people behind the Lumela Afrika project. We shall remain in touch but if not before Christmas, we wish you all a very relaxing and blessed few weeks off with friends and family.  Make sure you switch your emails off to Leanne...you deserve that break!


Kind regards Rhona and Paul


People Passion Pride

Staff Testimonials

People come first:  Without our very valuable team, there would be no Lumela and without our valuable customers, there would be no Lumela.


Although we are a serious enterprise that operates according to sound business principals, we like to think that Lumela is a fun place to work, a place where artists feel a sense of ownership and investment in the company where creative dreams are realised.

Suzan Wesele

My name is Suzan Wesele.  I started working at Lumela Afrika in September 2012.  I am employed as a painter. Since I have worked at Lumela, my life has improved in many ways.  I can now afford to buy food for my family as I am the only one with a job. I didn’t know anything about painting or art work when I first started here, but now I am a professional painter. Working here, has been a blessing and I love my  job.



My name is Jerry Kolane.  I started at Lumela Afrika in 2010.  My job is manufacturing.  For me Lumela has taught me a lot.  Now I know about art and craft and it has empowered me.  It is nice to see how talented the people are who work at Lumela.  They are creative, bright and fun.



Daniel Nkomo


My name is Daniel Nkomo. I started working at Lumela Afrika in 2013. Since I work at Lumela, my life changed a lot. I learned so many things like wrapping, boxing orders and a lot more. Lumela taught me how to be a responsible person.



Christina Modise


I joined Lumela Afrika on the 2nd September 1997. We where 8 people. I am very thankful for having this job as I am single and I am able to fully provide for myself. Work is difficult to find in South Africa, especially work that you enjoy. I love my job and I try my best.





Thabo Adolph Mdhluli

My name is Thabo Adolph Mdhluli.  I started working at Lumela Afrika September 2013 till date.  I am a base sprayer and I really love what I do. The past few years, life was difficult to me and my family.  No one had a job.  We’ve been struggling a lot in most cases, but things turned smooth when I got myself a job at Lumela Afrika.  I can afford food for my family and again I am helping my younger sister to further her studies. Thanks once again for giving me a chance to do the right thing at the right time.


Annah Malindi

My name is Annah Malindi.  I started working at Lumela Afrika September 2015.  My occupation involves painting and part time drawing. Working here at Lumela has become an inspiration to me.  I have learned that my skills has no limits.  I can do something as long as I set my mind and time on it. As it is my first job ever, I am highly honored to have met such great people who have made me discover so much about myself.



Jeanette Viljoen


I started to work at Lumela Afrika in 10/11/2002.and was at first a painter. After a period of two weeks, I began to do base spraying and was varnishing the products. In between I also built candles and teaspoons.


I was then promoted to the manufacturing department where I repaired the stock before it is sent to be sprayed. I also checked all the products which were painted by the ladies before same is sent to be varnished. I also had to check if the workers are completing the weekly schedules.


I was again promoted to the orders department as a factory supervisor overseeing orders dispatched as well as all the other areas in production which affect orders going out.


As the years at Lumela Afrika passed, I saw that the company is growing and expanding and a lot of new customers since the beginning. The shows are very interesting and you are meeting a wide variety of people. I would recommend working for Lumela Afrika for a lot of people. Lumela Afrika gave me an opportunity to learn and develop and to prove myself.


 I enjoy working at Lumela Afrika as it feels like a family with all the people together. I am happy in my job and I look forward to staying with Lumela Afrika for still a long period of years.



Piet Tulani

I started working at Lumela Afrika in 2005 and before I started at Lumela I was unemployed for 8 years. Lumela was my first job in my whole life and to tell the truth I love working at Lumela Afrika. I always keep praying that God will keep this little company of us running for a long time. Since I've been working at Lumela my life has changed because I can support my family, my mother and my sister's children. I love my job with all my heart. I love the way the manager and the supervisors are doing their jobs. Working at Lumela has taught me so many things. I am fortunate to have been able to learn and work in most of the sections and I relieve the supervisors from time to time. God Bless Lumela Afrika!

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